Open Water Swim Private Lesson and Mini clinic

/Open Water Swim Private Lesson and Mini clinic
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Open Water Swim Practice & Clinic PRIVATE  lesson $55.00,  or Buddy lesson  :  2 for $30.00 each

Triathlon and swim practice with  technique and individual  emphasis!

All American athlete, Team USA, and USAT Coach will conduct the clinic.  Emphasis will be on cold water adaptation, sighting, breathing,  and  fears.  Then we go down to the sandy beach, jumping jacks to warm up, and then walk into the water.  There is a kayak for safety escort.  Course will be described  by Coach Lois—

The water will still be cold–wetsuit is mandatory.  Bring a bright cap or neoprene cap for underneath.

An orange float device is also advised for safety.  Lois can see you one for $30.00 at the clinic.



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