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Triathlete Holt taking the USAT protocol threshold test - Trisport Coach Lois Marquart

Triathlete Holt taking the USAT protocol threshold test to determine training zones.

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About six months after I met Coach Marquart at a networking group, we decided to have the required one-on-one lunch. The group does this so the members get to know each other as people. I knew her as the auto glass sales rep.

When she told me she was a triathlete and what she had done, I was blown away. She asked me about my athletic background, I explained that I had not run competitively in almost 40 years, I have a complex medical history, I injured myself every time I started training, and I was recovering from viral and bacterial pneumonia and bronchitis. When I told her that is why I do not exercise or train, she told me, “that’s a story.”

I declined her offer to go for a hike because I knew I would not be able to keep up with her. She kept asking me and about 4½ months later we started walking. We started with a mile a few times a week. Coach Marquart made sure that we did not go too far or fast too soon.

She also helped me understand that my injuries were diet/nutrition related. I did not know what electrolytes are or why they are important.

Coach Marquart and my doctor help me design a diet around my diabetes and many food allergies. We continued to comfortably increase the distance and speed of our walks and we shared hiking.

Two months later, she helped me buy the proper running shoes. She did not push me to start running. I promised a friend that if she organized a 5k, I would participate, walking or running. When the 5k became a reality, I decided to run it.

Coach Marquart designed a training program and ran/walked/hiked and biked with me. She also helped me pick out the proper bike. I had not ridden seriously in more than 30 years. My goal for the 5K was to simply finish.

I was dumbfounded when I won my age-group. This was less than 6 months after we started.

Better yet, my blood pressure and pulse are back to normal levels. My cholesterol and triglycerides are the lowest they have ever been. My blood sugar is down. My weight is about the same but I have gained muscle mass and gotten some of my chest out of my drawers. I am eating and sleeping better. I have more energy and endurance.

None of this would have been possible without Coach Marquart and her positive holistic approach. If I can do this after a 40-year layoff, anyone can.

July 10, 2016   Tacoma, WA   

Lois has been a huge component of my success. Of course I know that a person has to start with a strong motivation and will to take on a half ironman course, but having the right trainer is more than the icing on the cake. Lois started with me teaching me swimming for more than fun and in fact, she made me a "swimmer". We got to a point I didn't feel like people were looking at my swim strokes feeling sorry for me. Her confidence in me really pushed me to go harder than I had expected of myself. Because, Lois worked with me on my swims, my open water swims, my biking, and providing me with personalized workouts for my specific needs and zones, I went into my three sprints, one Olympic, and one half ironman so confident that I would complete the events and be strong at the end. One of my tri's I placed first in my group and with my half-iron I completed it and had minimal recovery necessary because my body was so prepared. Thank you Lois, and I look so forward to an even better tri season next year with you.

September 21, 2016   Gig Harbor, WA   

Lois is awesome sauce

August 27, 2017   Auburn   

When I first met Lois a few years ago I didn't even know how to swim. I went to her first swim clinic and almost quit. She helped me get comfortable in the water and got me further out in a lake than I had ever been in my life. She has shown me how to properly shift on a bike, put a wetsuit on properly and many other aspects related to triathlon. I am truly a better athlete having gotten her guidance on and off the course. I am looking forward to our next adventures in the years to come as I am going to complete an Olympic Distance triathlon and a 70.3.

September 13, 2017   Auburn   

I first met Coach Lois through one of her open water swim clinics. I had recently taken up triathlon to improve my health, and had used an online video series to learn how to swim freestyle. This took some effort, as I had (occasionally still have) anxiety, derived from being caught in a rip current when I was younger, about being in water where I can't touch the bottom or a wall or something buoyant enough to keep me a float. Because of the kayak escorts, I reasoned one of the Trisport Coach open water swim clinics would be a safe place for me to get used to "being" in open water.

When I contacted Coach Lois to sign up for the swim clinic, she learned I hadn't bought a wet suit. So, she recommended I take a look at Xterra wet suits and let me know Xterra was having a sale. I was able to pick up a nice wet suit (still using it 6 years later) at a very affordable price. Over the years of knowing Coach Lois, I've learned, this is just who she is. She helps her athletes in so many ways outside of the formal/paid training.

The swim clinic was everything I'd hoped it would be. We all met prior to the swim to discuss swim safety and got some tips on how to put on a wet suit, open water swim stroke, and open water swim gear (yes the last two can be different from pool swimming). During the first open water swim, Coach Lois stayed in shallower water with myself and several others, while most of the group went out to deeper water with two other kayaks. Staying in shallower water provided a great transition from the pool to open water swimming, and by the next clinic I was able to join the group in the deeper water. These clinics are well supported and great for transitioning from pool to open water or just getting in some open water swim practice.

Based on the positive experience with the swim clinic, I asked Coach Lois for help with my bike as well. After a bike session to establish training zones, she provided instruction on pedaling efficiently and bike workouts designed to help meet my goals. Leading up to my first ever triathlon, Coach Lois helped me build my overall bike strength and speed, and through the open water swim clinics, my swim endurance and speed, so that I turned in reasonable middle of the pack age group performance. Not bad at all for a clydesdale athlete doing his first triathlon.

Continuing to work together, Coach Lois has helped me with many personal bests: first sprint triathlon, first olympic distance triathlon, fastest sprint triathlon, fastest 5k, fastest olympic distance triathlon, top 10 in my age group at an olympic distance triathlon, fastest 10k.

Last summer I decided I wanted to fulfill my goal of doing an Ironman by the age of 45. Once again Coach Lois was there to help reacclimate me to open water swimming. We also created a schedule of successively longer and faster swims to keep me on track and prepare me for the 2.4 mile Ironman swim. With Coach Lois' help, I trained for and completed Ironman Chattanooga 2018, and that's an accomplishment for every triathlete, especially clydesdales or athenas 😉

Over the years Coach Lois has helped through both formal/paid training and tips and support on social media that I just couldn't imagine achieving the things I've done in triathlon without her help and guidance.

October 18, 2018  

I was very fortunate to find coach Lois lead me in the right direction with a training plan and the OWS was a big difference maker. I tried to develop my own plan but didn’t understand everything that goes into completing a triathlon. She laid out a plan to follow and was a great success. In my first year starting with no triathlon experience I completed 3 sprints, 3 Olympic distance and finished the year completing the Ironman Superfrog 70.3. Next year competing in five 70.3 and a full Ironman and coach Lois will be a key to my success. I would definitely recommend her to anyone competing in triathlons at every level.

October 19, 2018  

Despite being two states away, Coach Lois has helped me with both fitness and nutrition. I'm 51 and in the best shape of my life thanks to her virtual coaching! Changes to workouts started slowly and are totally doable. I knew my eating habits were prohibiting progress and she provided a meal plan that I can actually follow with food I enjoy. I'm super excited about the muscle tone and weight loss, but feel happier with more energy. Highly recommend, even if you're not in the Tacoma area!!

January 29, 2019   Palm Springs, CA   

Lois has coached me for two major races a half Ironman and a full Ironman. I highly recommend her. She is very thorough and puts her heart and soul into her athletes.

January 30, 2019   Gig Harbor, Wa   

Coach Lois has been instrumental in my fitness and strength goals. I was recovering after lung surgery and wanting to work on building lung capacity and strength. Lois has been an amazing coach helping me achieve small milestones with a healthy and supportive style. She is fabulous!

February 1, 2019  

I've been working with Lois for over a year now and full disclosure: I am no triathlete, just going through menopause with a desire to get healthy. Working with Lois has changed me, inside and out.
I've lost pounds and inches but the most important benefits have been decreased anxiety/depression, increased energy and an natural inclination toward healthy, clean foods. I started this journey an avid lover of television and Lucky Charms (preferably in tandem) and am now active, healthy and strong.
The biggest surprise with Lois is that the changes/tweaks were not difficult but collectively, have resulted in a huge physical and mental shift. I actually LOOK FORWARD leaving the couch for hiking and biking and, for someone like me, that is nothing short of amazing.
Lois has helped me become the woman I've always wanted to be and I couldn't be more grateful. Highly recommend!!!

May 6, 2019   Palm Springs, CA   

My husband and I met with Lois after a number of people from our gym had recommended her for swimming lessons. We recognized immediately her ability to work with students who clearly didn't know how to swim correctly. She was patient and very encouraging. In a very positive way she targeted our weakness and set goals we could reach and feel successful. Whenever I get in the water Lois is still in my head reminding me to not let my left arm drop before my pull. My husband and I both feel we would not be where we are today without Lois' training.

October 24, 2019  
  • I had a breakthrough on Tuesday night!  I finally felt my own “power stroke”!  And wow..each time I swam after a drill length, it was a bit easier.  Thanks so much for your upbeat guidance!  This is EXACTLY what I needed.

– Deb Ramirez

Words from Coach Lois:  Deb crushed her Sea to Ski bike time by over 20 minutes from LY—she ‘found her stroke’ groove in the summer, and was able to complete her goals in the swim.  Deb rocks!!

  • Lois taught me how to tweak my workouts to increase speed in all threee events.  She built my confidence and gave me the support I needed.  Up until Lois started coaching me, I had read many books and worked the plans, but she sharpened and tailored workouts to my weaknesses.  Thanks Lois!  I did much better because of your coaching.

– Denise Arnold

Words from the Coach:  Denise is a great athlete who needed direction and the road map to get there–I was happy to be a part of your journey, Denise  You did improve in all 3 sports, raced weekly, and finished with Titanium Man!

  • I began training with Lois after trying to train myself for a year. I did ok in races but had a hard time staying motivated to keep up on my workouts. I had no direction and not much discipline either. Lois was such a pleasure to work with and she helped me in both areas! Our first meeting we discussed my goals, which races I wanted to do and what my strengths and weaknesses were. She designed a monthly training schedule appropriate for me and my upcoming races. The workouts had variety and purpose. They included things I would not have done on my own, like track workouts or track workouts combined with some time on the trainer. Her services are very affordable and helped me feel confident in my races. I even got to compete at Nationals! Working with Lois was very worthwhile and I would recommend it for any athlete.
    – Brook Coates
  • It was fun thinking back to those times in the pool.  Lois has such a passion for the sport of triathlon. I learned so much from her….transitioning, how to train the smart way, and oh, the swim drills. Which made me a faster and better swimmer. She is a coach with never ending enthusiasm and support.
    – Michelle Brown
  • As a new age grouper at this wonderful sport of triathlon I want to thank you for your encouragement and help over the past 2 years. Your positive and knowledgeable assistance has feed my desire to become a better triathlete. I started two years ago nervous and scared to death of a short sprint triathlon. And in just 7 weeks I’ll be completing Iron Man Canada with a respectable time.Your coaching has helped prepare me to achieve my goals with strength and confidence. All the small suggestions that you’ve given me during the past 2 years in the weight room, pool, bike, run and transitions has given me the ability and confidence to achieve something that I once thought was impossible. I thank you so very much, Don Hoover.

– Donald Hoover

  • I came to Lois for coaching without any idea of how to train properly.  With her awesome knowledge of sports science and astute grasp of how far to push me, she guided me to victory in my first big race – “La Ruta de Los Conquistadores”. There is no way I would be still racing today if I hadn’t started working with Lois. I would never have been able to win that race without her coaching and that race gave me the confidence to go after my dreams.  Lois’ coaching was the perfect personal format that you really need to stay on target. It is good to work with someone so passionate about the science of training and improving and who excels in it herself. She’s been there so she knows how to guide you through the pitfalls to reaching your goals.- Hillary Harrison